Cabo Versus Cancun for Spring Break

When it comes down to comparing Cabo versus Cancun for spring break, it’s important to take all angles into consideration and have a clear picture of what you’re expecting from your vacation. While the glamorous nightlife, well-developed infrastructure, lively beach parties and modern overall approach to trips and tours associated with Cancun may appeal to a lot of people, seeking a more remote, challenging and relaxing place, where outdoor adventures and strong waves beat partying and drinking should be your main drive, should you consider spending your spring break at Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo vs Cancun – Considering the Best Beaches

When It comes to determining the pros and cons of Cabo versus Cancun for spring break, the beaches and pristine waters in these locations can be a strong factor to consider. While Cancun features a larger number of well-kept beaches, beach parties and a more convenient swimming and snorkeling experience for rookie divers, Cabo is more challenging and remote, as well as less crowded. Depending on your preference, each of these locations can be great for your spring break vacations in their own unique ways.

The Best Spring Break Hotels for Cabo and Cancun

Cancun offers far more variety when it comes to resorts and hotels than Cabo San Lucas. It also offers access to the well-developed Zona Hotelera, where all hotels and resorts are close to relaxing beaches where the waves are peaceful enough to allow for easy swimming, as well as nightclubs, restaurants, shopping malls, casinos, marinas and many other exciting places to visit. Cabo, on the other hand, has smaller hotels and resorts, and although the prices at some of these locations can be cheaper, some of them are more remote and less convenient. One exception is the Medano area, where the hotels are at most around 10-15 minutes away from the beach and packed quite closely together.

Cabo Versus Cancun for Spring Break – Prices and Offers

While the nightlife and shopping offer more variety and quality in Cancun, the prices are somewhat steeper than in Cabo. On the other hand, Cabo San Lucas has less expensive cruises, tours and adventure trips, so if you like keeping busy and enjoying unique adventures during your spring break vacations, Cabo should definitely be your primary destination. On the other hand, the all-inclusive benefits associated with Cancun’s hotels and resorts can give you a lot more for your money than you’ve bargained for.

Cabo vs Cancun – Things to Do

When considering Cabo versus Cancun for spring break, Cancun’s tropical environment is less pronounced but also richer in flora and fauna than the arid places near Cabo San Lucas. Cancun boasts nicer beaches and lagoons, while Cabo is perfect for challenging activities like off-road adventures. Cancun’s famous Maya ruins area also worth considering along with the better shopping centers and the impressive day trips to Isla de Mujeres. In Cabo, outdoor and safari adventures, as well as sailing, surfing and mountain bike trips are among the most popular.

Spring Break and Nightlife Opportunities

Cancun definitely excels when it comes to nightlife activities. From wet t-shirt contests to performances from world class DJs, there’s plenty to see here, and clubs like the Coco Bongo, Mandala or The City are now legendary, while some famous nightclubs in the Zona Hotelera have already been around for more than 20 years. Cabo’s desert-like environment makes outdoor nightlife activities more interesting, and while the nighlife here is not as glamorous as in Cancun, fans of a more peaceful atmosphere will feel right at home. Some of the most notable nightclubs in Cabo include the Cabo Wabo Cantina, the Pink Kitty Nightclub or the famous Jungle Bar.

Bars and Restaurants to Visit on Spring Break

One great thing about Cancun when it comes to shopping, bars and restaurants is that the prices are much more convenient. You won’t find the same steep costs you’d have to support in Cabo, and the food and beverages available will largely be similar, if not superior in quality. Although the bars in Cabo are not as large or imposing as those in Cancun, they are considered more fun and interesting overall. Medano Beach in particular offers an unforgettable experience, as well as excellent small beach bars you can enjoy. On the other hand, Cancun’s all-inclusive offers make dining more fun and affordable, so you have access to a wide variety of unique a la carte and buffet restaurants packed together in or near the famous Cancun Hotel Area.

Cabo Versus Cancun: Climate Considerations

When it comes to considering the climate and weather conditions in the two cities, it’s worth mentioning that, compared to Cancun’s tropical wet and dry climate, Cabo San Lucas is much drier. Because of the city’s position, there is not enough rainfall, while in Cancun you can expect pronounced dry and wet seasons with very little temperature differences in between. While overall year round temperatures are similar in the two cities, the water is significantly warmer in Cancun, making it a more suitable and pleasant destination for beachgoers who prefer spending more time swimming, snorkeling or diving.