The unrest and other worrying news about Mexico may cause concerns among those planning a spring trip to the Mexican coast and might raise an important question: is Cancun safe for spring break? The answer, backed up by tourist accounts and official reports, is a resounding “yes”. Cancun is located at almost 1,500 miles from the border, away from problem areas, and it is also one of the safest tourist attractions in Mexico.

What to Pay Attention to while Spending Your Spring Break in Cancun

The spring break is one of the busiest periods in Cancun – college students from all over the US choose the tropical destination to spend quality time together in the sun, students take a break from their studies to unwind, and large groups come to enjoy the sea during the day and the nightlife after the sun sets. Cancun being the safe area it is nowadays, with criminality lower than in Florida, the recommended precaution measures are the same as they would be in any other part of the world – measures implemented to protect yourself against events that can happen anywhere, such as losing your valuables or getting your bag stolen.

A Few Tips to Make Your Cancun Break Perfectly Safe

Here are a few tips to make your vacation in Cancun as safe and pleasant as possible:

Do not take large amounts of cash with you
Keep your valuables in the hotel’s vault or in the safe, not on the table or on the bed
Before you go, make sure your cell phone works in Mexico
Make sure there is always somebody who knows where you are and where you are planning to go
Before you go, make photocopies of the front and the back side of the credit cards you are taking with you. Keep the copies separately – they make it easier to cancel the cards if they get lost.

Wear the Right Clothes and the Right Accessories to Make Your Cancun Break Safer

While out on the beach or when you are traveling, you will probably carry your valuables and the things you need for the day in your pockets and in your backpack or bag. Make sure your pockets and bags close properly – zippered closures work best. Pay attention to close the zippers on your bag or your pocket after taking out and putting back your wallet and never leave your bag unattended.

Cancun is as safe for spring break as any other tourist destination, so if you follow the advice above and act responsibly, you can be sure you will enjoy a wonderful vacation here.