Memorable Swimming Experiences: in Search of the Best Places for Swimming in Cabo

When it comes to swimming in Cabo, deciding on which beach you should choose is essential. Not every place in Cabo San Lucas allows you to swim easily, and beginners will find a difficult time struggling in some of the waters. However, Cabo still has a large number of beaches to choose from, many of them suitable for beginners and advanced swimmers alike. Also, if you are looking for a real challenge, the beaches around Los Cabos will not only give you an exciting swimming experience, but also ensure that snorkeling, diving and surfing enthusiasts can get the thrill of a lifetime.

Real Cabo San Lucas Challenges You’ll Face Swimming in Cabo

On the one hand, there are a few places in Cabo where only the best swimmers would venture. On the other hand, Cabo San Lucas is a diverse place where many excellent beaches can be found that facilitate grand swimming experiences for beginners as well. The main challenges with swimming in Cabo come from the powerful undertows and intense waves that you’ll come across at some of the local beaches. It is important, therefore, to keep to the calmer areas and avoid swimming alone.

Swimming in Chileno Beach

Fully suitable for swimming, snorkeling and surfing, Playa de Chileno is one of the safest beach you can find in Cabo. The beach is Blue Flag Certified, and it is known mainly for its snorkeling experience, which is far superior to that of most beaches in the area. Swimming here is easy even for beginners, and the tame waves allow underwater explorers to spot many fascinating marine creatures. The beach has full facilities, and has recently been open to the public with access to the best areas if you stay at the Auberge, Chileno Bay Resort.

The Lover’s Beach Swimming Experience

Lover’s Beach (Playa de Amor) is somewhat more remote. Found in Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas, it has been one of the best places for swimming in Cabo for a long time. The beach can be accessed by water taxi. You can take one at the marina or from Medano Beach with a small fee and a predetermined pickup time. The beach itself is one of the most famous places to visit in Cabo due to its rich, beautiful landscapes and impressive array of marine life. The undertow is much less powerful here than at the adjacent Divorce Beach, and the currents are still strong enough to offer an exciting challenge to more experienced swimming enthusiasts who venture farther out.

Santa Maria Beach in Cabo

Santa Maria Beach is a unique horseshoe shaped beach that’s part of a marine sanctuary. Its most distinguishable feature is the pink-colored sand that’s not as irritating as common, fine sand. The conditions here were chosen for the marine sanctuary especially because the beach is calm enough to support a wide variety of species. You can swim at your leisure here and bring your snorkeling gear along to enjoy not only one of the best place for swimming in Cabo, but also one of the richest underwater worlds.