The Beauty of Medano Beach – Cabo Experiences and Things to Do in Medano

Medano beach, Cabo – also known as Playa el Médano – is one of the busiest and most impressive beaches in Baja California. With many impressive resorts, cantinas, restaurants and opportunities for memorable spring break adventures, the beach is the center of all touristic activity in the Cabo area, and it’s often crowded, most especially during spring break months. The smooth beach offers several miles of safe swimming alongside its shores, and it is considered the best beach in Cabo when it comes to swimming, surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing and a wide variety of water sports.

Medano Beach Cabo – Spring Break Vacations

Although it doesn’t necessarily have the same level of calm and tranquility as places like Palmilla or Santa Maria Beach, Medano is a place where young people can really party. Spring break siestas are constantly being organized on the beach, and vendors are always ready to offer anything from blankets and sombreros to jewelry and temporary tattoos. The nightlife is also in line with the expectation of spring break party goers, many of whom will be pleasantly surprised to find establishments such as the Mango Deck, where patrons are encouraged to participate to countless creative and exciting activities meant to liven up the party. Warm sun, fun waves, ice cold beer and salsa-spiced mariscos will further improve your experience with Medano’s exciting siestas.

Things to Do at Playa el Médano

Although you’ll enjoy sunbathing on Medano Beach, Cabo has much more to offer in the regions surrounding the area. There are many exciting places to see and visit that will make you feel like you’re really part of a unique experience. Parasailing and charter companies are the main focus of those who are looking for a real adventure around Medano Beach. In places like JT Water Sports, Cabo visitors can enjoy a number of water sport rentals, including kayaks, surf boards and wave runners. Also, if you’re interesting in parasailing, you can check out the Cabo Sky Tours, where you can experience motorized hang-gliding flyovers of all the most important places around Cabo San Lucas.

What to Eat in Medano

Beachside restaurants are one of the highlights of Medano Beach, Cabo visitors being able to enjoy some fine local cuisine here, including anything from delicious seafood to spicy Mexican delicacies and good old American food like chicken wings, hot dogs and hamburgers. One of the most popular restaurants on the beach is Club Cabo, where you can enjoy fresh local seafood and an upscale atmosphere. Grilling enthusiasts will also be able to enjoy delicious barbecue food and one of the best dining experiences in the region at Edith’s Restaurante.

Places to Stay and Shop Near Medano

Accommodations near Medano Beach are plenty. From luxury resorts and hotels to budget options for guests who don’t plan on staying long, as well as full-service spas for tourists in need of some genuine relaxation, there is literally everything under the sun. Some of the main places to consider are the ME Cabo Resort and Bahia Hotel. All the local hotels and resorts are also near shopping centers that sell food and necessary grocery items, as well as souvenirs such as crafts, hats, jewelry and t-shirts. Finally, when staying near Medano Beach, Cabo visitors might want to also check out the on-site gift shops at resorts like the Villa Estancia.