In Search of the Top Spring Break Bars in Cabo – Bars with Delicious Drinks and a Great Atmosphere

Pinpointing the top spring break bars in Cabo is no easy feat. Aside from the fact that there are a great number of bars that may be good candidates, one also has to take into account the differences in taste and preference between visitors. However, most guests have agreed that the following establishments can be considered the best, and the number of positive reviews and feedback that the bars have received also confirm that fact.

Cabo Blue

If you’re looking for the top spring break bars in Cabo, and you’ve just come across Cabo Blue, you just found one of the most popular bars close to the Cabo San Lucas Marina and the Puerto Paraiso mall. This bar and restaurant offers good value for the money, affordable and good quality dinners being available at a consistent rate. The bar is characterized by pleasant music and a friendly staff that will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. As for the drinks and atmosphere, spring break makes Cabo Blue an exceptionally affordable and friendly alternative to other bars, and its placement close to the best nightclubs in the area makes it an ideal spring break bar.

Top Spring Break Bars in Cabo: The Jungle Bar

The Jungle Bar not only serves good food and excellent drinks, it also provides you with a unique opportunity to meet interesting new people, whether they be locals or people from all around the world. This is mainly why most Cabo visitors and tourists recommend that, if you visit Cabo San Lucas from another country, you should check out The Jungle Bar. The prices are fair when considered by themselves, but the experience itself is actually considered to be underpriced. Live music, large portions, refined drinks and a relaxed atmosphere are just some of the main highlights of this bar.

The Nowhere Bar Spring Break Experience

The Nowhere Bar is one of the top spring break bars in Cabo that are right next door to the mall. If you want to enjoy a quick drink and unwind with good music after looking for souvenirs at the Purto Paraiso mall, there is no better place than this one. Moreover, the location is also great because of the bar’s proximity to the marina. The Nowhere Bar has a fun atmosphere, lively music and delicious seafood. The cozy feel and the diverse light drinks available at the bar are perfect for starting out your evening before moving on to your favorite nightclub in the area.

Havana Underground – A Refined Spring Break Bar

Visiting Havana Underground during spring break is akin to having a completely unique experience among all the bars in Cabo San Lucas. This intimate, classy bar is one of the few that offers high quality electronic music, and it also features an exciting atmosphere that makes you feel like you can meet new and interesting people within seconds. The cocktails are especially good here, and you can get the best mezcalito in Cabo. Also, when it comes to comparing it the top spring break bars in Cabo, Havana Underground gets a lot of extra points for its exemplary staff.