During the Dance U at the Oasis Cancun, one of the most popular Spring Break events in the world, the party is on throughout the day. As usual, the festival days in 2017 started when the sun was still up, with various party venues hosting daytime performances – here are some of the most memorable Cancun Spring Break day parties at the Oasis Cancun.


The Dutch record producer/DJ duo took to the stage on 18 March. One of the most popular performer duo on the big room house – electro house – Dutch house music scene delivered their incredible vibe and impressed the already excited crowd. Remixes were combined with original tunes and the atmosphere was incredible – a real blast and an unforgettable performance.

DJ Rock City

Occupying centerstage on 7 March, DJ Rock City gave a performance that exuded energy, passion for music and professionalism. A few years ago he was named the Spring Break DJ and he was also awarded the title Number 1 DJ in Chicago by what is perhaps the most demanding crowd in the world. He certainly made the 2017 Spring Break memorable, too, with his unmistakable beats and the spinning style that had won him the appreciation of many from Asia to London and from Mexico to India.


Another great day party at the Oasis Cancun, the show given by Faed took place on 21 March. The duo was formed only a few years ago by DJ Five and Eric DLux, but the two professionals work as if they had been playing together for ages. They both bring their individual experiences to the turntable and they work together in a way that makes you think they had started that way. Their music and their personalities set the club on fire – the energy of the performance was certainly contagious.

Skratchy – One of the Best Cancun Spring Break day parties at the Oasis Cancun

DJ Skratchy has emerged on the electronic music scene like a shooting star, but he is the kind of comet that is here to stay. His music is in huge demand from Hollywood and Las Vegas to the Caribbean – his carefully crafted mix of styles and tunes pleases his crowds, wherever he goes. One of the most outstanding members of the SKAM Artist crew, DJ Skratchy gave one of the best shows of the entire festival – an incredible gig that had something for everyone and deserves a place on our list of the most outstanding Cancun Spring Break day parties at the Oasis Cancun.


Atlanta-based artist Hayden Kramer, known to the public as Herobust played at Oasis on 5 March. His innovative approach to electronic music attracted a large crowd and his fans were not disappointed this time either. His huge repertoire keeps converting more and more fans to his music – he plays in fully-booked houses wherever he goes, the show he gave at the 2017 Spring Break Festival in Cancun being an enormous success, too. Credited as being one of the hottest voices of the trap-dance scene, Herobust was true to his name – his performance was robust, entertaining and perfectly orchestrated down to the smallest detail.