Spring break is definitely a time when you should forget all about studying, exams, work and other tedious aspects of everyday life. The Caribbean is just perfect for leaving all the stress behind, so here are a few party centers that will recharge your batteries and allow you to sample what it really is like to party in the Tropics.

Oasis Cancun Lite

This budget-friendly resort provides all-inclusive packages and access not only to the resort’s facilities, but also to other resorts in the same category in the area. The resort offers not only amazing rooms, spa services and excellent food to keep you energized, but also a number of great partying opportunities where you can blow all that energy. The daily entertainment programs include live shows with more than 50 performers including clowns, comedians, acrobats and singers. The resort has a disco, there are live concerts almost every evening and the Vegas-style nightclub gives you the best parties ever.

The City

The City is a nightclub that you should definitely visit while in Cancun. Every night is party night at The City – local and international DJ’s guarantee that. The three-level club is among the largest facilities of this kind in Latin America, the quality of the music is impeccable and the service is excellent, too. Whether you get your drinks from the open bar you prefer bottle service, The City will give you an unforgettably amazing night.

Caribbean Carnival

The Caribbean region is popular among tourists not only because of the bright sunshine and the crystal waters – it is also an area well-known for its carnivals. In the Caribbean, the carnival period is a very special time, with marches of stage artists and dancers wearing flamboyant costumes and loud music that will make you want to dance like crazy. Traditionally, carnivals take place in February in the Caribbean, but the different islands and areas have local carnivals organized during other periods as well.

Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo is among the largest clubs in the area (three levels, all available for dancing and loads of fun), having plenty of space not only for partying, but for live shows by renowned international performers. Spiderman, Beetlejuice, a Michael Jackson impersonator and many other performers make their appearance on the stage evening after evening, followed by the best DJs who play the best party music. The club has no traditional dance floor, so you can start dancing wherever you feel like.

Mandala Beach Club

The Mandala is a medium-size venue that features Indian-inspired design, with lots of vibrant hues, rich ornaments and lush fabrics everywhere. The atmosphere inside the club is made even more special by the open front, inviting everyone to enjoy the VIP treatment in the lounge-like venue. The music played is a mix of Latin tunes, hip hop and international hits, and, twice a week, the club hosts themed nights for even more fun and entertainment. Drinks are served at the open bar every day from 9:30PM, and the place is open every evening of the week for those who can’t get enough of partying.