When it comes to organizing your spring break, Mexico can be an ideal spot, not only because of its fine beaches and hospitable locals, but also because places like Cancun in Mexico are central hubs where famous DJs, musicians and entertainers go to relax and perform for locals and tourists alike. Mexico has become one of the most popular spring break getaways for Americans as well as for people from all around the world. Its all-inclusive accommodations, convenient and affordable transportation options, busy nightclubs and outstanding beach resorts are reason enough to consider it as a notable potential destination this spring.

What to Look Forward to in Mexico

Mexico City itself is a great place to consider spending your Mexico Spring Break. Although not as popular a destination as Cancun or Ixtapa, the city experiences an upsurge of college student visitors during spring break, which makes it one of the country’s busiest spring break destinations. The middle of March is particularly busy here, as younger visitors enjoy the busy nightlife of the city. During the day, the numerous venues and restaurants in downtown Mexico City are perfect for experiencing Mexico at its peak. Leaving the city, people can explore the Mexican countryside, the legendary ancient ruins on the Yucatan peninsula and the pristine Mexican beaches along with their busy and enticing resorts.

Planning Your Mexico Spring Break in Mexico’s Best City

The city of Cancun is considered to be one of the best destinations for spending spring break in Mexico. Tourists coming here can enjoy day parties, music festivals and a whole host of events and activities designed especially to make your spring break count. Some of these include beach parties organized on a daily basis, Inception Music Festival events held at some of Cancun’s best nightclubs, as well as unique concerts, events and comedy shows set up by the local resorts.

Special Spring Break Resorts

You can plan your Mexico spring break in some of the country’s most exciting cities that tourists visit on a daily basis. These include San Jose El Cabo, Ixtapa, Playa del Secreto and Cancun – the country’s leading tourist destination. Places like Club Med Ixtapa Pacific, the Valentin Imperial Maya hotel and the Gran Caribe resort in Cancun have won special distinctions as ideal spots for spring break in Mexico, as well as the top locations for activities like meeting fun people, enjoying water sports, having beach parties or booking a complete itinerary for visiting the main locations and venues in the cities in question.

Mexico City’s Famous Diners and Restaurants

During spring break, Mexico City is one of the few cities where you can enjoy a plethora of restaurants, bars and food places with all the drinks and exotic foods you can imagine. Locals recommend Cafe El Popular as a pleasant local diner with more flavor and a more pleasant crowd than tourists would normally expect. One of the hottest 24-hour restaurants you can try is La Casa del Tono, where you can explore spicy Mexican food at its finest. Finally, for a genuine Mexican and French dining experience and the best local drinks you can try Eloise.

Spring Break Nightlife and Exciting Activities

Cancun’s nightlife is undoubtedly the best if you’re considering a city where you can go from nightclub to nightclub without exhausting your options in a week. The StudentCity Headquarters hotels are the best place to start, with places such as Oasis and Krystal offering convenient access to StudentCity day parties with plenty of dancing and spring break contests, as well as famous MCs and DJs running the show. Additionally, a great option to experience everything that Cancun has to offer is the Inception Music Festival, the single most important Mexico spring break event and a great opportunity for mingling with visitors from the USA.