An overall small resort by Mexican standards, the Occidental Costa Real Cancun is an all-inclusive resort and spa, where guests can relax and enjoy the fine, sandy beaches and the revered hospitality that the city has to offer. The resort is located close to a myriad of exciting local attractions and venues, and it has some of the best views of Cancun’s numerous beachside hotels. Clean, luxurious and packed with everything from diverse restaurants and bars to a kids club, fitness studio and swimming pool, the Occidental Costa brings you all the highlights and fun of a prestigious hotel.

Where Can You Find the Occidental Costa Resort?

While staying at the Occidental Costa Real, Cancun visitors can explore a number of attractions easily accessible by local transport. The Mayan ruins and the ancient city of Chichen Itza can be visited simply by renting a car at the local, on-site car rental services, and the resort is also close to the Marina Chac Chi, the Teatro de Cancun and the Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club. The hotel is also less than half an hour from Cancun’s international airport and even closer to the city’s famous downtown area and prestigious nightclubs.

A Grand Experience at the Occidental Costa Real – Cancun Services and Hospitality

One of the great things about finding accommodation at the Occidental Costa is that the staff will always make you feel at home. Reliable, friendly and entertaining, they know exactly what to do to make guests feel welcome. The services available are equally appealing. At the Costa you can enjoy state-of-the-art fitness facilities, on-site boutiques, a large outdoor pool and close proximity to the beachfront. Moreover, typical amenities such as WiFi, an LCD cable TV, a minibar, free parking, buffets, and the lobby bar, are all easily accessible to all guests.

Classy Restaurants and Complementary Meals at the Costa Real

The food choices available at the Occidental Costa have always stood out because of their variety. The resort provides you with four restaurants to choose from, providing everything from international dishes to traditional Mexican cuisine. There is also a relaxing bar where you can enjoy your drinks after a good meal, and an international buffet bringing you all the delicacies you can hope for from around the world. While enjoying the accommodation options at the Occidental Costa Real, Cancun visitors are also able to visit several other local restaurants found in the hotel area.

Occidental Costa Real Activities to Look Forward to

There is no shortage of daily activities to take part in. Families, single guests, couples and groups alike can find everything they need from all-inclusive spa services to gym activities, equipment and services for families and children, as well as some of the best watersport resources. Kayaking, water polo and sailing are right at home here, and you can also play golf or take one of the renowned Cancun tours by visiting one of the nearby agencies. Later, at the Occidental Costa Real, Cancun visitors can also enjoy relaxing massages and herbal treatments after a long day of sporting activities.