Oasis Cancun Lite is the most popular Spring Break all-inclusive resort in Cancun. It provides great facilities, superb rooms and superior service to make your vacation unforgettable and to make you want to come back as soon as possible – as a matter of fact, the list of amenities and options is so long that the answer to the question “What does Oasis Cancun Lite include?” is definitely complex. Even so, to give you an idea about how much you can do in and around the resort and about how great of a time you will have in the Oasis Cancun Lite, we will list some of the best features of the resort.

What does Oasis Cancun Lite Include in Terms of Accommodation?

The resort is large, comprising over 1,500 rooms, all equipped with great comfort features and offering great views. The rooms are air-conditioned and they include private baths with a luxurious tub-shower equipment. They are also furnished with stylish, modern and comfortable items that include either a king-size bed or double beds. There are plenty of other amenities that will make your vacation perfect, such as great toiletries, cable TV and a mini-bar.

Activities Offered by Oasis Cancun Lite

What does Oasis Cancun Lite include when it comes to activities? Well, a lot:

During Spring Break the resort comes to life with the Oasis Dance U Music festival. Featuring daily performances by some of the worlds top DJ’s.

The resort’s modern spa center offers various relaxing treatments and beauty treatments to get you in the right mood for the Caribbean.
The resort has daily fitness classes that include aerobics, Zumba, spinning, Pilates, yoga and aqua aerobics,
You can participate in cooking, bartending and dance courses, too,
The resort has a fitness center fitted with the most modern gym equipment and a multi-sport court where you can enjoy tennis, soccer or basketball,
Resort guests have access to a 9-hole golf course as well,
You can rent non-motorized watersports equipment such as kayaks, snorkeling gear or aquatic bikes.

The resort has the longest pool in the entire beach area – a spectacular, winding, quarter-mile pool with superb view.

Culinary Options at Oasis

The resort is an excellent choice for gourmet visitors, too. There are seven great restaurants and diners on site:

Mr. Wimpy Snacks is a snack bar that offers delicious bites during the day,
Hippie Chick Grill and BBQ is, as the name suggests, a place that serves delicious grilled dishes,
The Dragon Wei specializes in Mexican and Chinese fusion kitchen,
Taco’s Mexican Food serves local specialties,
The Scirocco Sport Bar offers the greatest hamburgers,
The Ibiza specializes in Mediterranean dishes,
Joy’s Trattoria serves Italian food in an authentic ambient,
Hacienda Sarape is a true Mexican restaurant,
Tatish serves the finest international dishes.

There are seven bars and two beach clubs in the resort area to provide the tastiest umbrella drinks and top-quality beverages.

Partying is at Its Best in Oasis Cancun Lite

The resort is among the most popular entertainment centers in the area. The daily programs include spectacular, Vegas-style live shows organized at the nightclub, concerts, music festival events, shows by resident DJ’s and restaurant shows.