The Grand Oasis in Cancun is a large resort that comprises more than one hotel complex, so what we propose here is to answer one of the questions most frequently asked by those who plan to spend their vacation on this particular property: what is the difference between Oasis Cancun Lite, Grand Oasis and The Pyramid.

A Few Words about the Oasis Cancun Property

The property comprises five different buildings for accommodation, one belonging to Oasis Lite (192 rooms) three to the Grand Oasis Cancun (1,320 rooms) and the pyramid-shaped building in the middle being The Pyramid (232 rooms). During Spring Break, many of the Grand Oasis Rooms are converted to Oasis Cancun Lite to accommodate the large amount of Spring Breakers. All the 1,700+ rooms being comfortably furnished and offering spectacular views over the sea and the property.

While all complexes are classy and both offer superior comfort and service, the Grand Oasis provides is slightly more elegant, with rooms more expensive than in the Oasis Lite and has a minimum age of 23 years. The pools and the other amenities and facilities are shared by the two resorts, but the portion of the long, connected pool that crosses the property offers a nicer view at the Grand Oasis.

What Is the Difference Between Oasis Cancun Lite and Grand Oasis in Terms of Guests Experience?

The Oasis Cancun Lite is much more than a vacation resort – it is a huge party venue that hosts day parties, concerts and lots of additional events, day and night. It is more suited for people looking for some partying, especially for college students. Each March, the Oasis Cancun Lite hosts DanceU with daily DJs and nightly parties. At night the fun continues at the Coyote Loco Nightclub.

The Oasis Grand is more suitable for those who prefer peaceful and quiet vacations and don’t want to mingle with the partying crowd or for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds, attending a few concerts, then retreating to enjoy the quiet of their room. The Oasis Grand is also well-known as being a family-friendly hotel, with lots of programs and amenities to delight kids and to help parents relax.

The Difference Between Oasis Cancun Lite and Grand Oasis in Terms of Food and Beverage.

Grand Oasis being slightly more exclusive, the guests who choose this hotel will have access to all the bars and restaurants on the property, while the guests of Oasis Lite can try only the facilities that belong to Oasis Lite – ten bars, ten restaurants and two beach clubs, compared to 18 restaurants and 20 bars available for guests of the Grand Oasis.

Available Activities

The facilities on the property, such as the spa, the gym, the golf courses, the shops and the tennis courts are available for all guests of the resort complex, so whichever of the three hotels you choose, you can take part lots of refreshing physical activities, either to include some variety into your relaxation program or to balance all the partying with some workout.