Checking Out the Bae Watch Music Festival – Cabo San Lucas’ Most Exciting Spring Break Event

If you plan on visiting Mexico during spring break, the Bae Watch music festival – Cabo tourists agree – is one of the most popular events you absolutely have to check out. At the festival, you will not only have the opportunity to join in on the fun with countless other partygoers arriving from around the world, but you can also get a chance to witness some of the best DJs in the business and listen to high quality music.

What Is the Bae Watch Music Festival?

If you plan on attending the Bae Watch music festival, Cabo accommodations are worth paying extra for. The festival is organized every year, sponsored by countless local and international companies, and it’s considered one of the biggest events in Cabo during spring break. The hosting venues usually play host to famous bands and DJs, as well as to guests from around the world, all of which are there to have a great time. Unique drinks, fine food and high quality entertainment is also available, and visitors have the real chance to keep the crowd going and party all night.

The Bae Watch Music Festival – Cabo San Lucas Locations and Venues

The area southwest of the Puerto Paraiso mall is fraught with some of the most exciting bars and nightclubs, as well as the restaurants offering the best cuisine in Cabo. You can explore places like La Vaquita, Pink Kitty and Crush Nightspot, which are famous for their lively and upbeat atmosphere. Bars like the Havana Underground and The Nowhere Bar are also available if you want something a little more unique, and further south on the Lazaro Cadenas boulevard you can find an assortment of great food places that includes Cabo Blue, Happy Eating Cantina and the Las Guacamayas taco restaurant.

What You Can Expect at the Baewatch Festival

While exploring the area at the Bae Watch music festival, Cabo San Lucas visitors can enjoy an unforgettable experience of cuisine, heavy partying and some of the best music in the world. At the nightclubs in the area, the party is on, and the special events, famous DJs and great company you’ll find here during the music festival beats any other time of the year by far. As you join in on the fun, you’ll find the music and company to be surprisingly diverse. The prices are affordable, and there are many special offers available during the festival, especially when it comes to free drinks and discounted food. The dancing, great atmosphere and diverse genres of music – including hip hop, Latino and dance – will work together to give you a completely unique experience.

Bae Watch Feedback from Cabo Visitors

Tourists who visit Cabo often consider the Bae Watch festival to be the highlight of their visit. The lively partying, beautiful girls and amazing music are just a few of the things most of them consider to be part of the festival’s most memorable highlights. The bars and clubs in the area were especially praised by reviewers after spending a lot of time partying, drinking and enjoying genuine, high quality Mexican food dishes there. When it comes to the Bae Watch music festival, Cabo visitors have, in many cases, compared the venue and the experience with the famous Cancun and Playa del Carmen party places.